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Classic Journeys provides unbeatable access to experiences around the globe.

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The best luxury walking tours in the world.

Think of Classic Journeys as your well-connected friend. We link our guests with our friends around the world—amazing guides, artisans, winemakers, hoteliers, restauranteurs, naturalists, and more. We’ve been doing it for more than a quarter of a century. All with one goal: to handcraft a trip of a lifetime for you… every time you travel with us. Join us as we explore the world, on foot and at eye level.

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Travel + Leisure: World’s Best Tour Operator
National Geographic: 50 Tours of a Lifetime
AFAR Reader's Choice: Best Wildlife Encounter
Conde Nast Traveler: World's Best Tour Operators
National Geographic: Best Adventure Travel Company
Saveur Culinary Travel Awards

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